CRUSSH | Crussh App

It's simple, It's just a little Crussh !

Crushh app is the new way to discover! Don't be alone at the events, find your Crussh and don't miss the best events.


Discover Events

Scroll the events
that you like

Get Crussh with others

Right or Left ?

Like or Dislike ?

Its just a Crussh with
someone like you.

your Crusshes

Chat with your Crusshes
at the event or
before the event...

After the event?
It is all up to you!

  • I was thinking noone likes jazz concerts at my age before this App.
  • OMG! This App is finding the people near me! Also, I don't have to give my phone number at the first meeting. Find me at the techno stage cool boi!
  • At the events, everything goes crazy sometimes. With Crussh App, I'm meeting someone like me before the event and drinking some glass of champaign.Sometimes we dismiss the event together. 🙂
  • I'm Expat in this city and before Crussh, I was going alone to the events. Now I'm finding people who have same interest with me. Thanks Crussh